Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh mountain air!

It feels amazing outside. I've been feeling very blessed... and just need to write it all down. Kevin and I brought the kids up to the mountains on Wednesday for a little family getaway. Don't get me wrong... it can get a little hectic... and annoying at times... but man... the little moments with the kids that make you smile... makes it all worth it!

Kevin is playing golf with Megan While Jake sleeps... and I relax. This morning I took another great run... and the mountain air felt so incredibly good. It feels like spring... and I love it.

It was Jake's first time flying in the airplane. Actually, our first family flight too! The kids looked so cute in the back of the plane together. The loud engine made Jake pass out... just like his Mama!

Megan's Latest:

Loves doing puzzles. She is actually really really good at them. She seems to really be getting the visual concept of putting the parts of the colors and shapes together. She is addicted to memory... and I think this helps with the puzzles. She made up her own game yesterday... where she turns all of the puzzle pieces over face down. Then... she flips 2 of them like she is playing memory. If the 2 fit together... you can put them on the puzzle. I thought she was crazy... but as I played it for a few minutes... I could tell she was actually picturing what pieces fit together. Pretty cool.

She is doing better at playing with Jacob. (Not that she wasn't before... but as he has gotten older... they actually PLAY!) She still gets in trouble for trying to carry him around (which he usually hates). She does however get a kick out of making him laugh. They go crazy together sometimes. It is so fun watching them start to really bond. I caught them holding hands on the couch as they watched TV together this morning. I love it when I spot her sharing snacks with him... or going out of her way to bring him a toy or water cup.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally deciding to blog the little moments-

Okay... So I decided it was time to type things that I want to remember. I hear or see stuff the kids are doing... and I forget to write it down. It's the little daily things I want to remember. I suppose my blog will be my journal... that I don't mind others reading if they want to. I think I will use my blog as a motivator and also to keep as a reference to look back to. I was blogging like crazy with Megan when she was little... but now with two... there hasn't been as much time. When there is time... I have been distracted with Facebook. I must admit... I'm not too into the Facebook phase... but it has its perks. I like to glance at how people are doing... and like it or not... this is the generation we are living in.

Megan's conversation with Renae at her house on Tuesday February 1st-
(while doing an art project)

Renae- "You're good at your colors and shapes"
Megan- "Yeah... I'm an artist"
Renae- "I bet your Mommy taught you your colors."
Megan- "Yes she did... My Mommy taught me everything else I know too!"

It made me feel like I succeeded at something! Hooray! She's a pretty cool kid! I don't always get her at her brightest moments... ex: complaining, begging, taking toys, pouting... but Man... her great moments make me feel so special! I love being her Mommy. (We have lots of fun doing projects together.)

Thursday February 3rd-
Jacobs 15/18 month check up. Oops... I forgot to take him to his 15 month check up... so I decided to catch up on the 18th month. He did really great. I felt so bad for him... he really seemed to get his feelings hurt when the nurse gave him 3 separate needles for his booster shots. His stats weren't surprising. 15% in weight. 45% in height. 55% in head.

My favorite thing he does lately...
Pat you on your back when you are holding him! He's so sweet. He bear hugs you... lays his head on your shoulder... and pats you as if to soothe you. He has a big heart for a little guy!

Jakie is running around the house like crazy. He is always a happy little boy. His dimples are amazing and smile contagious. He doesn't say a lot of words. Megan beat him in that department... but he engages... pays attention... and smiles all the time! I'm happy with all of that. He is a great napper! He goes right down... he takes a 2-3.5 hour nap during the day... and 11-12.5 hours at night. @ 18 months he still loves his paci ---morning- noon and night... but I don't mind. He will get rid of it when he wants to.

Megan is in Pre-school (@ Stepping Stones) on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I'm at work. She goes to Nae's in the afternoon... where she gets to play with Jacob and Eric. I always look forward to seeing my kiddos daily report cards. She usually has some pretty funny quotes for me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fla/Ga camping 2010

Megan tried to be a big helper ... putting up the tent.

Ahh... it's fun to get away!

Hey mom... "this pickle is bigger than my coconut"

Evan gives camping 2 thumbs up!

All snuggled into her sleeping bag!

We were surrounded by animals... who apparently aren't shy. The armadillos would walk right though our camp. Yuck!

This raccoon was sitting up on our picnic table right in front of us. Now that's just rude not to at least wait till we were in our tents!

She loves Camping!!!!!
Megan woke up bright and early. Kevin and I could have used a bit more shut eye!

Yummy pancakes!!!!!

This was Lydia's make shift crib... napping in the front seat of Kevin's truck.

Would you believe I was the first one in? Me and the boys jumped in to get refreshed! The water was awesome. It did take about 2 minutes to get fully numb... then it felt great.

This was as far as Megan would go! At least she tried.

"Happy Camper #1"

"Happy Camper #2"
Watching his first 2nd Fla/Ga game in the woods!

Chris and Nae

Go Gators!

The Brendy's

Nae Nae!

Me and Sissy!

Evan pooped out... so instead of walking... he hitch hiked in Jake's stroller basket!

"Did your parents give you permission to drive?"

This stinking raccoon wouldn't leave us alone. He finally went up this tree and hovered over us... after shooing him away a dozen times. he really wanted our dinner!

Look who found the s'mores!

Good-morning... Happy Halloween!

The deer were everywhere! Seriously... they must know we can't shoot them. I was surprised with how skinny they were. Figured they'd get fat with everybody feeding them.

Fun Fun Fun!

Joel and I took the kids out on Stephanie's Kayaks.

... Until next year... Enjoy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our big adventure for the perfect shot! "Capturing the-TINY"

"Got it!"
Could have just stopped here!

But... we kept on for more.
Thanks Linda for working so hard to get the perfect shot!
This photo tells his little personality.
He is a happy boy!

... I don't think that's so good for your teeth son!

Love the expression...
Which path will he take?

... hangin' with big sis!

... holding Mommy's hands!

... Megan headed down the track with best buddy Evan!

Megan had fun getting dirty!

"Summer fun with my boy"

"I wish I could keep him this way...
I cannot express how much joy this little guy brings me!"

At least one person thinks Mommy is funny!

... So grateful!

Megan got so dirty... I guess it goes with the photo op theme.

She kept saying... "no... I need real water"

... happy siblings!

... hangin' out!

"Tiny Toes"

"My Mom is gonna be mad at these dirty hands and feet"

Life with my kiddos is an adventure... one I love traveling on with them.
I am so grateful for all the little moments we share together.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Life is Good... Jake's 1st Birthday!"

"Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to Jacob... happy birthday to you!
I sang to Jake when I went in to give him his bottle. He was sooooo cute... looking through the slats... laughing at me... or was it my singing?

Megan made Jake a home-made birthday card. She loves to color!

PJ snuggles with my boy!
I love those dimples!!!!!!

Jake's first party...

Cousin Samuel came to play too!

The boys...

Aunt Steph... with her nephews!

All the boys enjoyed checking out the new toys!

His lil' buddy Eric came for the party too!

"Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Jacob...
Happy Birthday to you!"

The sugar kicked in!
Jake- "Hey guys... this stuff is good!"

Everybody stood around to watch him eat his first dose of pure sugar!

The big kids were ready for some cake too!
They all dove in for dessert while Jacob got a bath.

All cleaned up... sugared up... and ready for more fun!

Oh my... I'm having flashbacks of Megan on her Little Mermaid car from her 1st birthday party.
Jake loved it!

"Life really is good!"

Gammie- "Hey bud!...You're Gammie loves you!!"

Jess, Kyle, Nana and B-pa had fun playing with Jake on his big day too!